• Big Sky Retreat: Awakening Creativity through Yantra Painting, Yoga & Meditation

    Join us in the Land of Enchantment amidst red cliffs and endless vistas and open to your creativity through planetary yantra painting, Kundalini Yoga, meditation and an exploration of astrological planetary archetypes.

    April 1April 8 at Ghost Ranch

  • Silence & Simplicity Retreat

    Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature and reconnect with silence, simplicity, and your Soul. Join us at the tranquil Rolling Acres Farm Retreat and retreat from the quick pace of life for five days of silence, yoga, and meditation.

    May 24May 29 at Rolling Acres Farm Retreat

  • Return to the Source: A Silent Yoga & Meditation Retreat

    A view of lakeside cabins at Borestone Retreat

    Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature on the shores of Midday and Sunset Ponds at the tranquil Borestone Mountain Audubon Sanctuary and renew with silence, a slower pace, and time to connect with your Soul. Join us for three days of social silence, yoga, meditation, and a time to honor the Source within.

    August 5August 8 at Borestone Mountain Audubon Sanctuary